Outdoor Journeys in Nurture Programmes

This course will demonstrate strategies for using green space/school grounds for fostering emotional literacy and building bridges between home and school, promoting and recognising achievement.  

Using the Health &Wellbeing curriculum context we will prepare participants in mindfulness strategies, teamwork delivery and practical skills (camp fire snacks/cooking) to foster social skills and competencies through learning and eating outdoors. We will use practical activities to build awareness of the role of the adult in the scaffolding of nonprescriptive play for all ages.

This course will also include informal and formal working with loose and natural materials outdoors  and how to safely deliver stimulating outdoor opportunities: the role of challenge and comfort in nurture.

All lesson plans shared. 

BOOK NOW through North Lanarkshire CPD Manager or contact Judi at Wildside in Scotland on 01786 462745 or 07926 169765, judi@wildside.scot.