Dress a favourite local tree as part of National Tree Week

This week we are being asked to consider how to change views for the better by planting and celebrating trees as part of National Tree Week (26 November to 4 December 2016). The week is the UK’s biggest annual festival of trees and we are being invited to take part by contributing a tree story or memory towards the Charter for Trees, Woods and People, which launches in a year's time in November 2017. Or you can 'dress' a favourite local tree during Tree Dressing Day (3rd December 2016).

Across the country, views of the landscape are changing for the worse as more and more trees fall victim to invasive pests and diseases. National Tree Week provides communities with the impetus to fight back by planting the trees of the future and attempting to change the view for future generations.

If you need a little inspiration on getting outdoors or would like to know about outdoor learning and play then check out some of the courses we are running here.

Each year, National Tree Week inspires around a quarter of a million people to get their hands dirty and plant up to one million trees. This year is no exception, and fun, worthwhile and accessible tree planting events are taking place around the country, organised by The Tree Council’s member organisations, which include voluntary bodies and local authorities, as well as a network of 8,000 Tree Warden volunteers, schools, community groups and others.

Whichever way people choose to mark the occasion, National Tree Week encourages individuals, communities and families across the UK to change their views about the value and significance of trees in their lives.

Further information about National Tree Week, including a downloadable poster, press release and an interactive Near You map, can be found here.

Don't forget, you can share interesting tree facts, images, and musings on social media throughout the festival using the hashtags #NationalTreeWeek #ChangingViews and #TreeCharter