Stumps and Pennies: Resources for sale from the Woodland Centre

We just can’t get enough of our stumps and pennies….and luckily as some of the trees in the woodland are a bit passed it, they are being felled and made into lots more of these lovely resources. Here’s a few ways these flexible materials are being used:

We are also supplying willow cuttings and willow rods from our in school willow nursery enterprise. If you would like to buy some of these resources just give us a call (07926 169765) or email judi@wildside.scot

Stumps: (min size 350mm high x 350mm dia) £5.00-6.50 each
Pennies (min depth 80mm x 200mm dia) £2.00 each               

Willow cuttings      £25.00 (pack of 30)
Willow rods           £60.00 (pack of 30)